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RAMB III / GALEB - From banana boat to presidential yacht

The Italian Liners Historical Society is pleased to announce that has recently cooperated with the famous Italian television programme “La grande storia” to realise the screenplay of their documentary devoted to the history of IRI, Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale, recording footage in both Trieste and Rijeka. The broadcast is scheduled on Rai 3 on the next 21 June.

We therefore managed to board the famous Tito’s yacht Galeb, which started her career in the mid ‘Thirties as Ramb III when she was launched by Ansaldo at Genoa Sestri.

The long and fascinating history of this small and interesting combi liner was recorded in a new illustrated essay written by Anthony Cooke which we are pleased to offer to all our members. https://www.italianliners.com/ramb-iii-galeb-en

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