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QUEEN ELIZABETH, More than a Ship (deluxe version) English

QUEEN ELIZABETH, More than a Ship (deluxe version) English

€ 139,00Prezzo



Over 700 images, in both black and white and colour, are accompanied in this book by a meticulous but fascinating text.  The reader is taken on a unique voyage through the story of the conception and construction of the Cunard Line’s outstanding new cruise liner Queen Elizabeth, a vessel which bears one of the most prestigious names in maritime history. The book not only tells the story of one of the most important ships of the twenty-first century but places it in a fascinating historical perspective, while revealing the incredible technology and skill involved in designing and building a huge and complex vessel such as this. It also describes the development of the ocean liner and the cruise ship over the last 170 years and celebrates not only the Queen Elizabeth but also the other great passenger ships which have been produced by the famous Italian shipyards which are now under the umbrella of Fincantieri.  Anybody who has traveled by sea or has an interest in ships will find this book irresistible.


Limited deluxe edition (only 25 copies printed), numbered and signed by the author 


Hardbound, anti-tear dustjacket, printed in 6 colours (including gold and silver) size  34,5 x 26,6 cm, 320 b/w and colour pages. Box lined in silver film with engraved logo of the ship.

Author Maurizio Eliseo. Publisher Carmania Press, London, 2010. Text in English.


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    ISBN 978-0-9563355-4-8 eng


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