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SATURNIA e VULCANIA (English Version)

SATURNIA e VULCANIA (English Version)

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English edition of 296 pages with over 500 pictures and unpublished texts.

From the introduction: "Saturnia and Vulcania. The memory of these two names still resounds today among those of the most legendary liners which crossed the oceans before and after the Second World War.

Built at the famous Monfalcone shipyard for the Cosulich Line of Trieste in the middle of the Roaring ’Twenties, when they entered service they were the biggest and most powerful passenger ships driven by diesels.  They proved that oil engines could be an efficient and economical alternative to the traditional steamships.

Saturnia sailed for 37 years and Vulcania for 43, carrying more than a million people in peace and in war.  They were the first passenger liners with cabins fitted with private balconies, which today are a “must” on all cruise ships. On their “Sunny Southern Route”, they became the favourites of an international public, alternating these liner crossings with pleasure voyages in the Mediterranean and to the Caribbean in the early days of the cruise business.

During the War, they accomplished many missions, including the repatriation of refugees from the former Italian colonies in Africa and as troop ships and hospital ships.

Almost by miracle, they survived the devastating hostilities and became the first to resume the service between Italy and the United States.

During their long and exceptional careers, Saturnia and Vulcania they were involved in multitudes of memorable and important events, often hitting the headlines of the world press.

With this book, we render homage to two of the most beautiful and extraordinary passenger ships ever built, acclaimed and admired throughout the shipping community."

Softback, size 24x30cm, 9.5x11.8 inches, 296 b/w and colour pages. Author Maurizio Eliseo, text transalation Enthony Cooke, Trieste 2018.


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    ISBN 978-0-9563355-4-8
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