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TRANSATLANTICI (Eliseo / Piccione) ENG

TRANSATLANTICI (Eliseo / Piccione) ENG

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the history of the great Italian liners of the Atlantic.

This book tells the history of the Italian transatlantic liners from the early occasional crossings of the mid-XIX century to the final decline of the service by sea of the ‘Seventies.
In 2002 the Steamship Historical Society of America presented the authors with the “Mitchell Award” with the following reason: “This book was published in both Italian and English version. It traces, for the first time ever, the history of the Italian transatlantic lines, sailng to both North and South America, from the time of unification up to the present and surveys the social, economic and political evolution of Italy as it relates to the transatlantic services.
Most of the photos published in the book are from archives in Italy that have never been publiched before”.

Hardbound with anti-tear dustjacket, size 24x30 cm, 256 colour pages. Authors Maurizio Eliseo and Paolo Piccione, Genova 2001. English text (the English version is available).
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    ISBN 88-8480-002-1
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