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Food Experience On Board

On the first anniversary of the Andrea Doria's entry into service, the Italian Line and the shipbuilders Ansaldo published a large monograph dedicated to the great liner. In 320 pages it describes every aspect of the ship with an abundance of detail. More than half the pages are concerned with the passenger quarters and the services on board which made her such an outstanding example of the latest trends in the hospitality industry.

The Andrea Doria was, in truth, a work of perfection, a wonderful combination of great ocean liner and luxurious grand hotel. The service on board was the best which one could possibly expect at that time, thanks to almost perfect organisation, among the best in the international world of hospitality, overseen by the hotel director. Under him there was a long list of heads of department, butlers, head waiters, stewards, cabin stewards, chefs and bar staff, all trained to satisfy the different demands of the diverse passengers in all classes of accommodation.

The loading of fresh vegetables on the Andrea Doria during one of her calls; the passenger ship was an economic resource for the many suppliers and chandlers required to refill her food provisions journey after journey.

It was perhaps during her time in port that one could best gain an impression of the sheer scope and efficiency of the organisation involved. For instance, a small convoy of lorries would welcome her arrival. They would be laden with about 90 tons of provisions which would be taken on board before each voyage.


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