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Dear Passenger,


On behalf of the Captain and of all our crew we give you a warm welcome aboard. For those who have chosen a cheap passage by travelling “steerage” class, as the White Star Line warned their passengers, we can not guarantee a pleasant and unharmed crossing. For those, instead, who have chosen a first class suite... it's the same!

Because we all are on the same boat and the oceans of history (above all maritime history) are extremely dangerous: taking this journey with us could increase your knowledge, deepen your wisdom, understand more the history of your ancestors, the places where they sailed to and, maybe, track a route towards a destination you would like to reach... Or, more prosaically, you could sink into your armchair or be swallowed by your sofa while navigating through the pages of our website as, according to many, there is so much to read and to view that you must face the risk of loosing your course.

First of all, please, let us know your opinions, your suggestions and do take part to our blog and to our surveys; you just need a click to choose the vessel which you'd like us to feature next on our site pages. We'd indeed be very pleased to make this journey together in order to create a global experience: each of us can bring his/her unique and prestigious contribution for the whole online community. The matter we care more, much more, is to safeguard, preserve and render public the history of passenger liners and of their World.

Our heartiest thank you to all who have so far adhered to our initiative and our “virtual” historical society. Your contribution is priceless to us and shall allow our ship not only to stay afloat but to track a pleasant course and to experience many intermediate ports of call. The final destination remains unknown but be assured that we'll do our very best to keep on sailing as long as possible, to avoid storms and gales and (for sure!) rocks and icebergs.


Fair winds!


The Italian Liners Historical Society



All pictures - if not otherwise credited in the watermark - are from the archives of Maurizio Eliseo. English version edited by Anthony Cooke.

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