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BREAKING NEWS! Italian Liners Digital Library

Since many years a dream of the Italian Liners Historical Society is the complete cataloguing and digitalization of our large archive of vintage ephemera (over 50,000 items of the XIX and XX centuries), with the aim of making the public aware of it and offer to the members the opportunity of either consulting them online or at our headquarters.

Today we are proud to make available a first part of the over 1100 books already catalogued and retrievable in our section OUR LIBRARY.

We created the section ARCHIVES and four sub-sections, books, ephemera archives, the “Sul Mare” magazine and deck plans; these first sections alone contains approximately 7000 pieces, which - step by step - you’ll be able to see online.

We are conscious that there is still a long road ahead, however we are confident that with your valuable help we can constantly enrich the collection online, and make it available to shiplovers and researchers interested in the history of Italian shipping and shipbuilding.

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