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Joe Farcus: “Design on the high sea" Book available at our store

Aggiornamento: 16 gen 2019

We have the pleasure to offer through our bookshop the brand new book in English by the famous Carnival designer Joe Farcus: “Design on the high sea, setting the scene for entertainment architecture aboard cruise ships”.

From the distinctive shape of their funnel, to the unmistakably recognisable interiors, Carnival Cruise Line ships and the company itself, have a huge debt of gratitude to the Miami-based architect Joe Farcus.

From the 1975 Carnivale until recent years, Farcus designed dozens of cruise ships for Carnival and, later, for Costa Crociere.

This long awaited spectacular book celebrates a life-time career in this field unveiling many curious stories and the unique design approach which distinguished Joe Farcus and his creatures from all the other cruise ships, contributing to making Carnival the lead shipping company in the world of cruise industry, inventing what himself describes as “entertainment architecture”.

In more than 260 pages, richly illustrated by drawings and photographs, Farcus tells the beautiful and unique story of the making of Carnival and its famous “Fun Ships”.

As ever, discount applies to all members of our Society.

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